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HUZZZZAH! Sup Everyone!

name: Nomi
age: 21
location: Phoenix
how did you hear of Authority Zero: Radio, back in '03 when i lived in Anaheim
AIM sn: NomiOwnsYou
interesting fact about you: I'm Mexican
weird fact about you: I'm Mexican o-O

Just wanna introduce myself to everyone. I noticed that there are a bit of communities with AZ as an interest but i figured "why not go with the obvious?"

How many of you are still active here?

and finally I joined the community so I could share a something that happened today!

As some of you know, AZ's gonna have a show at The Real Bar next Saturday. I went down there today to see if i could purchase tickets. I start talking to a guy that was putting up flyers and posters for the show. I tell him what I was there for and he referred me to another guy. He told me that it was first come, first serve, and to be there around 6. So the guy goes back into his office and i turn back around, ask "Poster Boy" if I could take a look around. He said it was alright and started showing me around. I asked him about the shows and if they get crazy. He said "Not crazy, but fun." o-O He asked if I was gonna be at the Ataris concert tonight, I said "Nahh, the only band I wanna see perform here is Authority Zero.. I havent been to a concert since I saw AFI back in '03 in Cali. I kinda wanna make my next experience with a band that's 'worth it.'" He laughed asked what part of Cali I was from. (Anaheim/Fullerton) Said he had "done" a couple of shows out there before. O-o

"Oh, you're in a band?"
"yeah, dude." *laughs*
"What band?"
"Authority Zero. Im the Guitarist. Nice to meet you."

I nearly passed out... I had been talking to Bill for the past 20 minutes and didn't even know...

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