sommerrae (sommerrae) wrote in authorityzer0,

Hey Bitches....:)

I'm pretty slow...I didn't realize there was a lj community for Authority Zero...I guess it's crazy cause they are all big now. Anyway, I just joined so I'm gonna go ahead and fill this thingy out.

name: Sommer

age: 22

location: Phoenix, Az
how did you hear of Authority Zero: Years ago, when my friends would take me around to shows. It was a little before or around the same time One more minute came on the radio.

AIM sn: I don't do aim...I'm a yahoo girl

interesting fact about you: I'm a boozeaholic

weird fact about you: When I was little I had to walk home from school all the time. Whenever I had to walk alone I'd talk to myself(it was wierd because my lips would move but you could barely hear me)...I still occasionaly do that without realizing it.

So, for those of you here in AZ....Does anyone know how much the show on Feb.4 is gonna be. I've been told 15-16 and 25-26 or something like that. Just curious.
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