Ashley (evernyourday) wrote in authorityzer0,


name: Ashley
age: 19
location: California
how did you hear of Authority Zero: My Ex
AIM sn: EverNYourday
interesting fact about you: althought he thought i didnt like them while we were dating, i actually kinda dug AZ
weird fact about you: i dont know...

Hi as you can tell, im new...but i posting here to see if anyone in the Los Angeles Area, was looking to get tickets to the AZ show at the Knitting Factory Dec. 11. I know the show isnt sold out, but i had boughten the tickets as a gift to someone and i no longer need to give them to him. Im selling them for $20 (for Both). if your interested, message me on my screen name *See above for it* and let me know. Thanks!
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