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Zero Experience

I remember the first time I heard Authority Zero, My girlfriend forced me(yes, forced me, I was hung over and didn’t want to go) to take her to a show at (the late) Boston’s. It was an awesome show, Jason was all over the place, including on the ceiling. That was back in 2001, and I have been a die hard fan ever since. Two years ago I was stationed at Ft. Hood Texas, and several of my friends forced (there’s that word again) me to take them to College Station so they could visit their girlfriends. As they all climbed into my car, I inserted my Authority Zero “passage in time” cd and prepared to be awed by their amazing music. Their music has always had the power to get me pumped, but I was not ready for what was about to happen. We were on the freeway headed to dinner, when one of the girls asked “is this Authority Zero?”. I had to stop the car and put the cd on pause (keep in mind im still on the freeway) and ask “how the hell do you know of Authority Zero?” They went on and on about how great they were and how Jason was so hot. My friends in the car knew of them, because I always played them while driving, and they hadn’t really claimed to like them until that moment. I was aghast, how did the bad which I religiously see every chance I get become so big during the time I was gone? I was proud, proud to have known them before they got big, proud to have gone to their shows, proud to have bought their first “one more minute” video (on VHS) proud to still have their 4 song demo cd. Proud to be a authority zero fan. I may not have been there since the beginning, but still, I will be there till the end. I had come home from my first tour in Iraq, and all I wanted to do was see them play. I drove 4 hours, with two of my best friends, from phoenix to Tucson to see them play in a little venue with a couple of other bands (whose names have faded from my memory). They had played some of their old classics, and a lot of their new stuff. When the finished up with “Not You” (or “Fuck You”) I felt at home. That was where I belonged, In the crowd, moshing to my favorite band. Now that I am back in Iraq, I only look forward to coming home and seeing them play again. I wish they would play in the Central Texas area, it would make it so much easier for me to see them. I just hope my wife understands when I ditch her to see them play. “But honey, its fucking Authority Zero!!!!!”
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