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Hello Luke,
This is Jon from off by one and inyourface records. We are requesting every band we have's help. Here's the deal. We were suppose to play at The Complex in Pheonix on september 25th. (You can check our website at www.offbyoneonline.com. Anyway, Marc went to talk to some people and I am not totally sure what happened but Marc Gould (who you have been talking to lately) has been arrested due too resisting arrest. He did nothing wrong dont worry. But Arizona's government is screwing us over. In case you haven't heard about the dillema let me fill you in. We got word that the Arizona government is trying to shut down the independant music industry and even though we are on a semi-major label, we want to stand up for the bands that we used to be like. Anyway they shut down our concert on sep. 25 and also... this pissed me off more than anything....THEY SHUT DOWN EGOTRIP! Yes those corporate bastards shut down Egotrip, something that so many bands were looking forward to. Now I was able to speak breifly to Marc and he had an idea. He wants me, Jordon and Clayton (other members of off by one.) To tell all the bands tonight that we should play a "Save the independant industry" concert to save independant bands dreams. I remember wanting to be famous and we want to give all bands everywhere that chance. So we were wondering, if you could help Marc's cousin Alex spread the word and get as many local bands from your area to play at a spot. (Marc said you guys have a park nearby), to do a concert sometime soon. The government wants to shut down independant music because they said and i quote, "If children or young adults are in bands, they don't focus on their studies and they dont graduate. Furthermore, this type of music and bands support violence and cause injuries at local concerts and death. This must be stopped. Our society as a whole will not stand for such childness and carelessness." They obviouslly dont know that many kids who are in bands tend to stay out of trouble and if they get bad grades, they were problibly getting them in the first place. So please do marc and inyourface records a favor and call Alex's cell for more info. We have already called him to make plans for Sierra Vista's bands. YOU MUST SPREAD THE WORD AND SAVE THE MUSIC! We won't let independant music die. Alex has all the details and he will tell you what Sierra Vista must do. Please make pase and hurry because we really want to put on Egotrip sometime before the end of October, and we want to save independant band's dreams. Thank you so much and email us back when you get this. Thank you guys so much and call Alex as soon as you recieve this message of contact us at inyourface_egotriprecords, or me personally at jon@offbyoneonline.com. Thank you so much and much love for all of you guys out there.
Yours truly,
Off by one/ Inyourface Records rep.
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